1 King Tung Road,
Caribbean Coast, Tower 9, 40 Floor, Room G
Lantau Island - New Territories

Ph: +852.6016.6151
E-mail: info@trade-the-world.com
Javier Sola is the founder and Managing Director of Trade the World, a company registered in Hong Kong, conveniently located close to the port and main logistic companies.

Originally from Argentina, Javier attended the Import/ Export studies at University of Buenos Aires, from 1996 to 1999.  In 1997 he started his experience in this field by joining Importadora Sudamericana, one of the leading import / export companies in South America and taking over the task to develop opportunities within emerging markets. By gaining his own reputation in this field, he decided in 2009, to relocate to Hong Kong to start the leadership of his own projects.

Javier brought with him all his extensive knowledge in worldwide import, export, logistics and norms as well as his own portfolio of worldwide based customers who supported him since the beginning of his career.

Javier is actually an expert on both American and Asian markets and provides a one-to-one service in order to fulfil all his customers’ needs and expectations. He can be approached either in Spanish or English.
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